Product Conformance, Certifications & Standards

CE Marking & Product Conformance

The CE ("Conformité Européene") marking is a standard required in the European Union (EU) for safety products that need to be examined and tested according to pre-defined standards. This process is known as a "Type Examination" and is governed by the requirements of European Union Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] Directive 89/686/EEC.

The products designed and manufactured by GrandWall Equipment, which are classified as PPE, are independently Type Examined and tested to the relevant European Standard for Mountaineering. Only after meeting the requirements of the PPE Directive and the relevant European Standard are we allowed to mark CE 0321 or CE 1019 [the "CE" mark] on our products.

Product conformance and CE marking are monitored by CEN [The European Committee for Standardization or Comité Européen de Normalisation] Notified Body number 0321 [SATRA, UK] or by Notified body number 1019 [WUÚ, Czech Republic].

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UIAA Safety Labels

The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, commonly known by its French name Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme, is the international governing body of climbing and mountaineering and represents all the climbers and mountaineers around the world on a wide range of issues related to mountain safety, sustainability, and competition.

The UIAA develops, publishes, and maintains safety standards for climbing equipment which supplement the requirements of the corresponding European Standards and it has been adopted by the European Union.

The products which have been tested to the UIAA standards carries the UIAA Safety Label symbol .

UIAA also accredits independent laboratories (like SATRA in the UK and WUÚ in the Czech Republic) which examine, test, and certify the equipment according to the UIAA standards and procedures.

GrandWall mountaineering products, which require UIAA safety labels, are also tested and certified to the relevant UIAA Mountaineering Standard found on their website.