CLIMBING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY and you could be seriously injured while climbing. No amount of instruction or expertise can eliminate the inherent hazards of climbing mountains, rock, or ice. GrandWall Equipment encourages all visitors of its site, and users of its products, to seek proper instruction before climbing. Proper use of gear supplied by GrandWall Equipment is the responsibility of the user. GrandWall Equipment and all its partners will not accept responsibility for damages, injury or death resulting from misuse of its gear. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions and decisions. Please learn the proper use of climbing equipment purchased from GrandWall Equipment and understand its limitations. Inspect equipment purchased from GrandWall Equipment before each use and destroy any gear that is damaged, worn, or does not pass thorough frequent inspections. When using climbing gear, purchased from GrandWall Equipment, you accept full responsibility for your safety as well as the safety of others around you. You are personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and good judgment necessary for proper use of climbing gear purchased from GrandWall Equipment. Reading and understanding any product information contained on GrandWall Equipment's website, or provided by the manufacturers represented by GrandWall Equipment, is not a substitute for qualified personal instruction.